Holiday Entertaining: DIY Cheese and Nut Board

We had the most delicious Hanukkah dinner with the family Saturday night! Brisket, Parmesan and garlic spaghetti squash, rice with sun dried tomatoes and arugula, side salad, and of course latkes. Trevor could eat his weight in just the latkes. Come to think of it, we all could.

Normally I put out a few creamy dips to snack on before dinner, but this year I wanted something lighter to balance out the deep fried potato pancakes! I was super inspired while at Dorothy’s a few weeks ago, and a gorgeous cheese platter that Glory brought. So, I did a version of it for the family. It was such a big hit!


Incredibly easy to put together, yet looks very pretty, there are many different variations for a cheese tray, but usually center around sweet and salty combinations.

I included two different types of cheese, assorted crackers, dried fruit, dark chocolate pieces, and Blue Diamond almonds, Lightly Salted and Honey Roasted << both favorites of mine, and also compliment each other, along with everything else on the board.



There were only seven of us this year, but had there been a bigger crowd, I probably would have done a second board with salami, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, olives, grapes, and just the Blue Diamond Lightly Salted almonds.

Actually, I think I might make that for just a regular weeknight dinner!