Disability a Curse


People disabled are naturally ostracised and outcast when it comes to performance and applying themselves practically. A process whereby if a disabled person is applying for a job, She (or he) is normally not given a 100% opportunity to prove their worth, as there is a mind-set that disability is an inability, which directly translates to a job not completely done.

As Cassius Clay (popularly known as Mohammed Ali), once said “repetition of a belief leads to that belief becoming a conviction, and once that conviction is deeply rooted, that’s when things begin to happen” thus the caption “Disability is not an inability” was born to uproot the belief that Disability is not only an INABILITY but also a disadvantage.

To prove that we are all equal, able or otherwise, Raka Milk Processers took to the frontline in Nyeri to advocate for the “disabled” and to prove that they are just as proactive and able as their counterparts without disability.

RAKA Milk Processors (Raka Cheese) is a firm believer of equal and unbiased opportunity and on this day we had the opportunity to prove the point by standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of ability.