Can Forgetfulness be Tasty?

As weird as history gets, Blue Cheese was discovered/ formed/ found (or however you want to word it) when someone forgot his cheese in a moist cave (is that even possible?) and came back for it months later.


Just a thought, he forgot his cheese and remembered months later that it was forgotten in a cave? Honestly, some of us can’t remember what they ate 5 hours ago and this guy remembered his cheese after months?


Anyway, he came back and found that the cheese was infested with a mold growing in the cave and he tasted it…………….. Imagine that, he ate a months old cheese that was Blue with Mould !!!!!!! either brave or stupid, I cant say, but the discovery of BLUE CHEESE WAS MADE.


Nyeri Blue, on the other hand, is a Cheese that was crafted with true expertise and Milk that is only found in the region of NYERI. Since we do not have caves where we could leave the Cheese and expect to find it 3 days later (not thinking of months), we had to devise a method as to how we could introduce the mold Penicillium into the Cheese and Make it Blue, giving it the characteristic Blue Veins typical of the Cheese.



We finally found a solution (no caves involved) and in a controlled environment, under the watchful eye of our Master Cheese maker, the cheese is matured over a period of Months and let to develop into NYERI BLUE, plus the properties of the special milk of Nyeri give it the characteristic tang only found in the NYERI BLUE of Raka.

Are you a cheese connoisseur (a cheese lover for those who  only understand English like me), then, take a bite of the Blue, sizzle your taste buds (and don’t kiss anyone for the next half hour)  and comment on our facebook page, then like and share.