July 24, 2017
Episode Two Of Raka Recipes. Let’s Make Something Very Unique & Tasty Using Cheese & Ugali! YES UGALI! Using Raka Cheddar Cheese Our Boss Kalpa Kapasi Padia Shows Us How To Make Ugali Fritters, This One’s A Must To Try For All! Kindly Comment Below If You Like The Innovation… #RakaCheese #NoOneDoesItLikeRaka #DontSayCheeseSayRaka#IsYourBossAsCoolAsOurs
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It’s Fridaaaaaayyyyyy & Here Is The New Series As Promised! We Shall Be Bringing You #RakaRecipes Every Week, Keep Glued On To Our Page! Today Our Boss Kalpa Kapasi PadiaShows Us How To Make The Perfect Palak Paneer! #RakaCheese #NoOneDoesItLikeRaka#DontSayCheeseSayRaka#IsYourBossAsCoolAsOurs
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