Raka Joins Hands with Sitawa Wafula on Mental Health April 2015

Raka takes keen interest in its environment and people around. Thus, we joined hands with Sitawa Wafula. She is an active Mental Health campaigner and is reaching out to millions of Kenyans to pay attention to this otherwise taboo subjects.

Here’s what she said to Mental Healthy UK “When asked about mental health in Kenya, Sitawa says that it is ‘one of those tabooed topics’.  There are a lot of myths about the causes of mental illnesses, the main one being that it is concerned with witchcraft, which is, she tells us, well fuelled in this African setting.  Due to this kind of thinking, coupled with a lack of government influence in terms of administration and legislation, the management of mental illness has fallen to non-government organisations.  These organisations are more concerned with research of specific illnesses rather than general mental health conditions.  Sitawa adds that there is much ignorance in the general population about mental health.”

To know more about her work and keep up to date, follow her blog and also send an SMS to 22214 and get help today.

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